Cupcakes and Brain Food to Clear the Mental Fog

Do you ever feel like you're constantly losing your train of thought or maybe your head just feels "foggy"? This might sound strange, but maybe the problem isn't your head. Maybe the problem lies in your gut, otherwise known as the "second brain". - Chocolate Muffins for Brain Power

“Coal” Macaroons & Activated Charcoal

Powdered activated charcoal just also happens to be a popular cooking ingredient in many areas of the world. Not only does charcoal add a unique look to food and drinks,  but totes all sorts of health benefits thanks to charcoal's ability to absorb organic toxins. Give charcoal a try in these "Coal Macaroons".

How to Stay Healthy This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming and you know what that means…Time to give thanks for family, friends and good health, of course! So how do you keep the over stuffing to the birds? Try to keep the focus on the company you’re with and not the delicious food that’s before you. If all else fails, maybe these tips will help you out!

Pumpkin Butter Frosting

Pumpkin Butter is delicious on everything from doughnuts and brownies, to pancakes and waffles, you can dip your fruit or just a spoon and enjoy the flavors of Fall without the guilt!

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