Breakfast and Brownie Bites!

breakfast brownie bites to go!
Don’t be fooled, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Your body has just been fasting (ideally for 10-12 hours) and now it’s time to BREAK the FAST. Eating breakfast can do several things for your health including protect against heart disease, diabetes, and weight gain. So try these breakfast brownies for the sake of your heart, your health and your waist.

If you’re in a hurry (like most of us) here’s a super quick bite of deliciousness that will give you plenty of protein and energy to power you through the day; plus these taste like brownies!

raw breakfast brownies

Grab-N-Brownies Bites


  • 1/3c walnuts
  • 1/3c almonds
  • 1/3c pecans
  • 1/4c raw cacao powder
  • 1c pitted medjool dates
  • 1T vanilla extract *optional


Using a food processor, begin to grind the nuts down till you have a a gritty flour (I like these to have a little texture, so I don’t grind them too finely). Add the cacao powder and give it a quick whirl.

Now begin adding your dates slowly, along with the table spoon of vanilla extract. Your batter inside should eventually begin to “ball up”. By that, I mean the very thick batter will all stick together and you’ll have a big ball rolling around.

At this point, stop the processor. Using your hands, break of golf ball sized chunks of dough and roll it between your hands to make a ball. If you want to kick these up a notch (though they’re pretty darn delicious plain) roll them in cacao powder, coconut flakes, cacao nibs or even more crushed nuts.

Store these in the freezer or refrigerator for that next time you need a quick grab-n-go option or just a sweet treat.

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