Single Serve Skillet Brownie

This skillet brownie has become my latest “breakfast” obsession. Okay, so I’m not actually a big breakfast eater – insert coffee ☕️ here – I do take a sort of brunch around 1 or 2p (anyone else?).

single serve skillet brownie | Joyful Goodnesssingle serve skillet brownie | Joyful Goodness

It’s generally around that time when I’ve been scarfing on this little pan of of awesomeness. I also like to top it with some greek yogurt and berries or an extra smear of peanut butter. 🤤

If you want to make this ridiculously simple skillet brownie, here are the details 👇

Skillet brownie | Joyful goodness | paleo ketoSkillet brownie | Joyful goodness | paleo keto

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For topping:⠀

Whatever makes your beautiful heart happy 😊

skillet brownie paleo | Joyful goodness | Orlandoskillet brownie paleo | Joyful goodness | Orlando


preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Stir together your ingredients and pour them into a greased mini skillet (6”) and bake for 10 minutes.

skillet brownie healthy | single serve | Paleo | joyful goodnessskillet brownie healthy | single serve | Paleo | joyful goodness

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