How to Survive the Thanksgiving Holiday!


Thanksgiving is coming and you know what that means…

Time to give thanks for family, friends and good health, of course! So how do you keep the over stuffing to the birds? Try to keep the focus on the company you’re with and not the delicious food that’s before you. If all else fails, maybe these tips will help you out!

Pass on the rolls – The stuffing and the rolls are kids stuff and will leave you feeling overstuffed, tired, and groggy. There are a great many reasons to avoid gluten but for now, save your energy for the real food. If you have a real carb craving, reach for the sweet potatoes or yams.

Double up on the sides – You might be surprised to see how quickly your plate fills up! Go ahead and give yourself an extra scoop of veggies your plate should be about 75% vegetables.


Watch your alcohol intake – Let’s face it, a great deal of you will indulge a bit with the wine and spirits, and that’s okay. But maybe save some of those empty calories for food with real nutritional value and that won’t harm your beautiful brain cells. And of course, try and remember to have one glass of water with every drink!

Be a great guest – If you’re worried you won’t find enough healthy options at the table that will leave you feeling satisfied, bring something yourself! Bring a deliciously healthy side dish (or two) to share like roasted carrots, savory squash or even dessert!


And remember to let the company you’re with be the focus of your meal and enjoy the time spent with the family and loved ones you’re most thankful for!

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