Welli in the Workplace

Welli in the Workplace - wellness and innovation through food

Wellness is essential in all areas of our life. For many of us, we spend much of our lives in the office. It’s in our offices that we neglect our health, the health of our employees and the health of our bottom line.

Opinions and attitudes regarding health care, especially in the workplace have shifted. Businesses and organizations are now focusing on prevention and performance versus a reactive treatment only mindset. Supplying employees with healthy alternatives is the most cost effective and reasonable approach to shifting behavior and improving the overall health of your team.

Welli in the Workplace - wellness and innovation through food

Welli is dedicated to improving the lives and health of your team members through food education and demonstrations.

Due to the increasing number of overworked employees and sky-rocketing costs of healthcare, many companies are devoting significant resources to developing in-house corporate wellness programs. In fact, growing research suggests that nurturing employee health and wellness produces a positive effect on employee productivity and an organization’s bottom line.

Nearly half of all employers who’ve instituted workplace wellness programs report a cost savings. Seventy percent of those employers cite a marked improvement in employee health. What is the secret? How do you facilitate a wellness program that leads to real results? The answer lies in health and whole food nutrition education. As we all know, good health starts in the kitchen beginning with the foods we eat.

Kristine Thomas, author, wellness educator and chef provides in-office education, coaching, access to meal planning and food delivery. Through delicious demonstrations, Kristine is able to provide a clear understanding of the power of foods. Employees will regain their health while improving the company bottomline.

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