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Joyful Goodness Meal Plans

Because you’re busy and you care about your health and the health of your loved ones.

Let me help with your weekly meal planningEach week you’ll receive deliciously healthy plant-based meal plans and more…

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Meal Plan  

$20 per month

Details – Receive weekly meal plans, but you’ll also have receive exclusive recipes and have access to the private Joyful Goodness Community group on Facebook featuring more wellness information, insights and discounts to private events.

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Joyful Goodness Meal Plans

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All of my meals are plant based, non-GMO, organic & locally sourced when available. I use absolutely no hydrogenated oils. My Recipes are free of gluten, refined grains and sugars. You won’t find any preservatives, or food dyes in my pantry.

Additional Services

Personal Wellness Chef – $185

Personal Performance Plans – $185

Joyful Events – Varies

Shopping Field Trip – $100

Home Pantry Make-Over – $150

Pantry Cleanout with Restocking – $300

Personal cooking class (2 hours) – $165


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