Meet Our Founder


Meet our Founder.


Kristine Thomas, 

Chief Wellness Officer

Kristine Thomas  is a workplace wellness expert, consultant, and health coach teaching audiences across the globe how to achieve their optimal health through wellness and innovation – Welli. In a world flooded with diet information, Kristine’s deliciously healthy recipes and cheerful motivation inspires her audiences and readers alike. Best known for her fun and accessible “Qualitarian” approach to food & overall performance, she’s made it her business to inspire healthy living. 



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“Who says healthy food can’t also be delicious? I want to show people how they can enjoy good health and good food, too. I’m on a mission to help you take back your health!”

Kristine’s life was forever changed in 2007 after a viral infection was misdiagnosed and left her fighting for her life. Through this trial, Kristine discovered the power of real foods and she was able to take back her health.  Kristine now shares her experience to promote the powerful role food plays on our overall health through her company, Welli.

Guided by a practical and always optimistic approach, Kristine motivates clients to take control of their health, achieve their goals and develop sustainable habits to live a more balanced life. In what can be a hectic world, cultivating a lifestyle of freedom and joy is her passion. 

Kristine is a graduate Pacific Lutheran University in Seattle, Washington and rounded out her education through Cornell University’s Plant-Based Nutrition program. Kristine is also an author, and regular contributor numerous health, wellness and lifestyle publications. She has been featured at Walt Disney World’s Food & Wine Festival, The Orlando Science of Wine, and GuideWell Innovations Greater Than Cancer: The Other Side, powered by the American Cancer Society.

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