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Love yourself enough to live joyfully and embrace goodness.

Joyful Goodness

Joy. Goodness. Life.

Together let’s identify those lifestyle habits that are not serving your greatest wellbeing and replace them with life enhancing habits. This encompasses all those life style choices that make us who we are. From what we put in our bodies, to how we move our bodies to what we put in our minds. I will walk beside you, encourage you, share what I’ve learned, and help point you toward the resources you need to thrive! It’s time to… 




Joyful, Goodness inspired living is FOR YOU IF …

  • You are stressed out with work and family responsibilities and don’t have time for yourself or your family.

  • You feel alone and need accountability and support.

  • You are overwhelmed with all of the information out there – the fad diets and quick fixes – and don’t know where to begin.

  • You want to manage chronic conditions, lose weight and keep it off, increase movement and activity, or generally improve your physical and mental health.

For any further questions, or to get started, you can me message here: – Cheers to your health!



I love Kristine’s passion for food and flavor!! Food is medicine and is the key to a vibrant life. She has turned me on to so many things I’ve never heard of. Eating well and enjoying delicious food has never been so fun!! Thank you Kristine!!

— Tisha Camp

Let’s be honest…..eating healthy is hard, but Kristine makes it not only easy, but delicious too!!!!! Who would have thought that healthy food can taste great!!!

— Chris Palkowetz – (brother and longtime skeptic)

Kristine has opened my eyes! I’ve learned that living life as a “qualatarian” and enjoying quality food can be delicious and best of all simple!

— Jan Marie Ferriola

Kristine inspired me to take control of my health and become a “qualitarian”. I’m now 40 pounds lighter, and thriving. Thank you Kristine!

— Victor W.

I learned a lot about healthy eating and hope to continue on my journey to better health. So glad to have your help.

— Patti Rader

Kristine is very poised, professional, organized, and innovative! She brings great ideas to life and is an inspiration! Her meals are delicious, healthy and made with love! Kristine’s coaching is transformative for your best health, mind, and body.

– Kristina Davis


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