Meet the Lady Behind the Show

The Lady Behind the Show

Kristine Thomas - Founder of Welli - - Wellness and Innovation

Hi there! I’m Kristine

A Wellness educator & plant-based enthusiast, I love living a life of wellness and innovation here in sunny Florida. 

Many years ago, food saved my life and I want to help others realize just how powerful food is when it comes to our health. I want to people to know that they can start living their best life now and still enjoy deliciously healthy foods.

Plus, thanks to new science and innovations, healthy living is only getting easier and more exciting.

Here's a a little insight into the what I do and more importantly, the why I do what I do....

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An introduction to the lady behind the podcast.

  • Where I came from
  • Confusion in healthcare and misdiagnosis
  • The diet that saved me